🙋🏻‍♀️ What you do

A non comprehensive list of what you'll do ...

💨 Make it happen

You'll be the engine that makes everything go. In the beginning you'll need to learn how to wear every hat. Prospecting, Closing Deals and Lots of Slinging Pops on the cart. 

Over time you'll elevate from doing everything and have a team to help you succeed at a larger scale.

🗂 Admin

There is a lot that takes place behind the scenes in order to stay organized. You will need to manage your HubSpot CRM Deals, Do your accounting, File your taxes and gain permits and permission to set up your cart at key locations in the community.

🌟 Build and motivate an amazing team

To find true success, your business will need to expand beyond you. In order for your team to represent you well, they need to be properly trained and motivated / inspired by you.

📱 Manage your Social Media

We will start an account for you with the following naming convention:

@kop_[your_neighborhood] (here is an example)

We encourage you to use the social media branding assets that can be found on our shared Drive in Google Workspaces, including profile and cover images, highlight covers, etc.

You are welcome to repurpose any of the @kingofpops content for your own social media, and the original files can be found in Google Drive. 

Tag @kingofpops in your posts for a chance to be featured on the main account.

🌱 Grassroots Community Building

Connecting with local organizations, influencers, businesses, and media will be highly beneficial to the growth of your business, and we encourage you to intentionally on building these relationships.

Visiting schools, churches, wedding venues, etc. is a great way to grow your business. 

We also encourage creative campaigns, especially involving the company purpose of creating Unexpected Moments of Happiness.