🔮 What Visioning Means to us.

In 2015 we wrote a vision of what our company would look like in the year 2030. Since then, a lot has changed, but our vision continues to help guide us.

One of the most influential books for our company was Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. 

It is an amazing book that documents the stories of a handful of businesses that choose to be great instead of big.

We were inspired by a number of these companies, but one in particular, Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, has had a lasting impact. When our co-founder Steven Carse happened upon the book King of Pops had begun to find success.

That said, we did not have a plan for where we wanted to go. Learning Visioning from Ari and Maggie was life changing. It is a practice that can be applied personally and professionally.

It is something we have built into the fabric of the franchise opportunity and hope that it will be equally impactful and important to all of the Cartrepreneurs out there behind their carts.

King of Pops Zingermans Bench Steven NIck Neil Andy Matt

Above is a picture of our original leadership team at our first ZingTrain vision training in Ann Arbor, Michigan.