❓ What are some common King of Pops Cart Franchise questions?

Here is an FAQ section that we are constantly updating as people ask new questions. We are an open book. If we're allowed to answer legally - we will!

🤩 Where can I sell?

We encourage our franchisee's to focus on selling within their territory.

However, if an event is taking place in a territory that does not have an owner or if the territory owner is unable to do the event and gives you permission - you are able to do it. 

This can be great for travel festivals or dip your toe into an area before fully committing.

You need to be aware that at any point in time the territory could be sold and you would immediately lose the opportunity to sell to folks in that area. 

🛒 How do I order pops?

We have built out an online ordering portal where you'll be able to review available flavors and order.

🚛 How do I get the pops?

We have a company owned distribution company that delivers across the South. (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia)

You are also able to pick up pops during pickup times in our warehouses in Atlanta, Charleston, and Charlotte.

🍬 Can I sell your products alongside other products?

No. Other than water you are not allowed to sell any other products that might compete with King of Pops.

We are constantly developing new flavors. 

💂What if someone wants me to cater their event?

We regularly get requests for prepaid events. As you establish your business, you'll get even more. If the request comes to you and the event is in your approved territory then it's all yours!

If an event comes to you for another territory you should check with that partner to see if they are interested before booking it. 

We manage all of this through a CRM.

🏪 Can I sell to my local grocery store?

No. King of Pops Cart Franchisees are only allowed to deliver pops directly to customers or on their approved carts. There are incentives to connect wholesale leads with our sales team.

🙋🏽 Do I have to sell from a cart?

Yes, you should be primarily selling from the cart. You are also able to deliver pops directly to customers.

At this point in time we are not interested in adding more brick and mortar locations.

🛣️How do I transport the cart?

You will need a commercially insured vehicle to transport the cart. 

We’ve had success with pickup trucks, vans, trailers, and some SUVs. You can also add a hitch and cargo carrier to nearly any vehicle.

Additionally ride share services and day rentals can help to supplement during the peak season.  You will be required to have some type of transportation to get the cart around in order to become a Neighborhood Partner.

🎫 Are the King of Pops carts considered food trucks? What additional permitting may be required?

We sell a prepackaged good (not prepared on site) so it's different than a food truck and typically easier. That said, each locality will have its own rules.

It is your responsibility to only sell where legally allowed.

⚖️ Do I need insurance?

Yes. You will be required to carry General Liability, Workers Compensation and Auto insurance.

💃🏻How much fun will I have? 

On a scale of 1️⃣ to 🔟 it is a 💯. 

It is a lot of hard work, but there are more than enough opportunities to have fun.