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Running Your Own Pop Business

Apply to become the Neighborhood Partner in your zip code.

Neighborhood Partner Application Form

Purchasing product and supplies

Pops are available to Neighborhood Partners at a rate of $1.66 - $2 each.

We recommend selling to customers at $4 each. If you would like to negotiate a lower rate with an end customer you may, but the advertised price must always be $4.

Selling Product

We have the right to recommend retail prices and prescribe minimum and/or maximum retail prices for the products and/or services offered and sold at your King of Pops Business.

You must have permission before selling on any property, public or private. This may require applying to events, talking with property owners or applying for necessary permits.

You are also responsible for paying any applicable sales tax on sales that you make.

You will not be allowed to sell other products while you are acting as a KoP Neighborhood Partner. 

Potential Sales Channels

The vision is that each Neighborhood Partner would use their contacts and connections to find the best opportunities for sales. We’ve seen success with multiple types of sales opportunities over the years; literally anything you can imagine, we’ve likely tried.

  • Cart sales: set up a cart at a neighborhood festival, in a parking lot, at a park, on a golf course, at a pool, etc. The sky’s the limit on where a cart can go. We’ve been on rooftops, in vehicles, on the beach, and in the middle of international pillow fight day.

  • Door to door: literally walk around your neighborhood and knock on doors to ask if anyone wants a treat. If there’s a giveback component, this could really work.

  • Virtual door to door: same as above only instead of walking with your feet you’re walking with your fingers. Text, call, email, and post about your available offerings and follow up to collect orders.

  • Pre-sales/delivery: could be anywhere but think about collecting orders ahead of time and then delivering them.

  • Fundraisers: partner up with those in your community doing good or operating a not for profit organization. You sell more pops, they raise money for their cause.

  • Pop catering: what’s better than a pop party whether for an office, neighborhood, bday party, wedding, or anything else you can imagine!

Adding Staff Members

You may decide that you want to bring on staff to help you scale your business. If this is the case, we may offer training sessions in the future at a cost to you.

If you hire employees, it is your responsibility to follow all state and federal employment guidelines.


Checklist of things you will probably need

  • Depending on location: business license, sales tax ID, peddler's permit, etc. This varies by type of vending and county/city. 
  • If you don't have a truck or large SUV, you'd most likely need a hitch on your car to transport the cart to and from events. 
  • Deep freezer if you choose to keep larger amount of pops handy. We do offer free weekly delivery for any orders over $300. 
  • Ramp for truck to load/unload
  • Straps to secure cart in bed of truck
  • Chalk, chalkboard paint, 
  • Paper towels, hand sanitizer, backup phone charger
  • POS for credit card transactions (we recommend Square)