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Program Structure

What it is (and isn’t)

The Neighborhood Partner Program is a reseller program. This means that once you are accepted, an agreement is made between you and King of Pops, setting out the terms under which you may sell and promote the products that we produce. You will purchase products from King of Pops and sell them to consumers at a higher cost to cover your costs and earn a profit.

The NPP is not a franchise. It’s important that we state this clearly for a variety of reasons.

The offer and sale of franchises is highly regulated by both federal and state laws. In franchising, you run your business the way you’re instructed to run it because the franchisor doesn’t just retain control over the intellectual property (the brand), it also retains complete control over how the franchise business is operated. You put up the capital to start the business, but the franchisor supplies you with the know-how to run the operation according to their business model.

We support our Neighborhood Partner through training, sharing of knowledge and intellectual property, and limited marketing assistance, but we leave things like site selection, business licensing and permitting, and point of sale system selection to you.

This approach keeps your initial investment much lower and gives you more freedom to run your business in a manner that will work best in your community.