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Neighborhood Partner FAQ

Neighborhood Partner is an opportunity to resell King of Pops in your community.

How do I become a Neighborhood Partner?

    1. First, complete the form on this page expressing your interest.

    2. You'll quickly get a more detailed form that you can think through and fill out at your leisure.
    3. If we think you are a good fit (and the feeling is mutual), we will schedule two interviews with you: A culture chat with our integrator and a followup chat with our founder.

    4. Next we’ll ask for references and conduct interviews with them.

    5. Finally, upon acceptance into the program you will be enrolled in our onboarding training program and will be required to complete your personal vision of success.

How much does it cost to become a KoP Neighborhood Partner?
There is a $2,000 initial fee. It includes a King of Pops Cart, Painted King of Pops Chalkboard, Rainbow Umbrella, 400 pops and an exclusive zip code territory. It also gives you access to leads across your region. 

What areas are available? 

We've found people do best on their home turf. You can review the current map of partners HERE.

Where can I sell?
Anywhere within your territory and also anywhere not within someone else's territory.

The vision is that each Neighborhood Partner will receive incoming leads for their area in addition to using their contacts and connections to find the best opportunities for sales. We’ve seen success with multiple types of sales opportunities over the years: neighborhood festivals, in a parking lot, at a park, on a golf course, at a pool, pre-sales or catering parties, etc.

How do I order products to resell?
You will be set up with an account in our online ordering system and will be able to pick up the order at designated times (varies by city) at the KoP HQ that’s most convenient.

We also offer free delivery to most metro areas in the South for orders over $300, and can deliver products for an additional $25 fee for orders under $300.

Can I sell your products alongside other products?
You will not be allowed to sell other products while you are acting as a KoP Neighborhood Partner.

Can I sell your other products?
At this time, we are only allowing for King of Pops and King of Pups (our all-natural doggie ice cream) to be resold in this program.

What if someone wants me to cater their event?
If the request comes to you and the event is in your approved territory then it's all yours!

If an event comes to you for another territory you should check with that partner to see if they are interested before booking it. If there is not a partner in that area, add this event to the CRM so we don't double book.

Can I sell to my local grocery store?
KoP Neighborhood Partners are only allowed to sell to end customers. This means they can’t sell to someone who is going to resell it to someone else.

Do I have to sell from a cart?
No. You can deliver directly to customers. However, if you're selling in public it should be from a King of Pops cart. 

How do I transport the cart safely?
We’ve had success with pickup trucks, some SUVs, vans, trailers, and ride share services that we’ve negotiated contracts with. You can also add a hitch to any vehicle to put a small hitch carrier with ramp. You will be required to have some type of transportation to get the cart around in order to become a Neighborhood Partner.

Are the King of Pops carts considered food trucks? What additional permitting may be required?

We sell a prepackaged good (not prepared on site) so it's different than a food truck and less onerous generally but each locality will have its own rules. It will be your responsibility to only sell where legally allowed.

How do I make money?
Pops from King of Pops at $2 initially. We recommend reselling at $4 after tax each, so you will make approximately $1.60-1.80 for each pop that you sell based on local sales tax.

There are additional price breaks when you purchase 1,000+ pops at a time and also after you sell 5,000 pops in a year.

Who pays sales tax?
Sales tax: you will be responsible for paying applicable sales taxes on any sales that you make.

Can I use King of Pops branding?
Yes, but only in the manner spelled out in our agreement. You will receive a non-exclusive license to use the marks in conjunction with selling approved products only.

Do I need insurance?
KoP general liability insurance provides coverage to all products we manufacture if due to the product.

You may want to obtain your own general liability insurance as well as auto and workers comp insurance if applicable.