How do pickup orders work?

Orders can be placed online and picked up on designated days at our HQ in Atlanta.

You can place a pickup order online by starting at this page and selecting the pop packs you'd like to order! 

Pickups are offered at our Worldwide HQ Bar at 552 Decatur St SE, Atlanta, in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Our pickup hours are:

  • Thursday, 4-9 pm
  • Friday-Sunday, 1-8 pm

We try to have your pickup orders ready as quickly as possible. Most of the time, we are able to pack up your order and have it ready the day after the order is placed. If your order is placed Sunday-Wednesday, your pickup would typically be ready on Thursday or Friday.

You'll receive an emailed notification with pickup hours and instructions when your order is ready to be picked up.

We are not able to provide coolers or dry ice with pickup orders. For this reason, we recommend bringing along a mid-sized cooler with dry ice (which is usually available at large grocery chains in 10lb blocks) if you have more than 15 minutes of transport time.

Once picked up, pops can be placed in a standard freezer until you are ready for them. Alternatively, pops can stay frozen in a cooler with a 10 lb block of dry ice for several hours, as long as the cooler lid stays closed when not in use.

Please email with any additional questions.