🎬 King of Pops Cartrepreneur™ Franchise Details

The King of Pops Cart Franchise is an opportunity to build an established pop business in your neighborhood.

❓How do I become a Cartrepreneur™?

    The full interview/onboarding process typically takes 1-2 months

    🏷 Initial Fees

    • There is a $9,000 initial fee.
      • This gives you the right to sell pops in your territory for five years and a $1,000 option to renew for two additional five-year terms.
      • Includes a two-day training in Atlanta and ongoing support.

    Each additional territory is $6,000.

    🗺 Territories

    We've found people do best on their home turf. We prioritize people looking to build their businesses in their neighborhoods. Territories are ~75,000 to ~100,000 people. 

    You can review the current map 👉🏽 HERE.

    ⏳ It can take a while for all the territories to load. Please be patient. 

    💰 Making $$$

    We sell pops to you at a wholesale rate and you resell the pops. Pretty simple right? 

    We will help along the way, but your success will depend on your hard work, creativity, and ability to network. 

    ☀️ Pop Season

    We expect you to be out and about during the pop season. Our pop season is about 32 weeks (from late March to late October). It can be shorter or longer depending on your Territory's climate. For example, in South Florida, the Pop Season is longer than in Maine