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Can I rent a cart without pops?

Yes, but we don't recommend it.

In special circumstances, we are able to rent King of Pops carts, or the cart setup (cart, chalkboard and umbrella) to film sets/productions to use and return to us in the same condition. You can submit an inquiry here

We recommend full-service catering, but if you would like to rent a cart for the day, we do offer that service for $150 a day before adding pops. If you get full service catering, you get one hour included.

If your facility doesn't allow outside vendors or is otherwise closed to non-employees, we may also be able to accommodate dropping a cart or carts packed with pops and dry ice to use for distribution at your facility. However, we do recommend utilizing our wonderful staff of Pop Slingers to hand out pops whenever possible! Submit an inquiry here.

We are unable to rent King of Pops carts to those wishing to use a cart to serve anything other than King of Pops from the cart.